Frequently Asked Questions

best ways to improve credit rating Through credit repair.

Disputing questionable items and hopefully deleting them from your credit report will definitely help your credit rating improve.

When do I pay for your services? Before or after the completion?

After. we apply credit repair charges only after our work has been done.

Credit repair charges are applied only after all the work is done to prepare
and submit your disputes to the credit report agencies.

Can I do fix my credit on my own?

Yes. You have the right to try to do the disputes yourself and to contact all
the credit agencies directly. However, our customers prefer to work with
our company because to our extended experience and and our
professional staff. But if you want to do it yourself, we highly recommend
and encourage you to contact the 3 reporting agencies directly and
try to do the disputes yourself. You can get information on the Fair Credit
Reporting Act for more support on your rights as a consumer.

Do you generate “new” identities or credit reports for your customers?

No. It’s against the law to make “new” identities or credit reports for
people. This is a felony charge that can result in fines and/or
imprisonment. Beware of establishments who may hint to do that.

Do you encourage to challenge all the negative items in credit reports
in spite of their accuracy ?

No. We encourage you to dispute only the questionable items.
You have the right to dispute questionable negative items and any credit
data you think to be inaccurate, incomplete, unverifiable, or obsolete.

Do I get a better credit score to get mortgage by fixing my credit?

Yes, you can save thousand of dollars on interest charges if you repair your bad credit.

How can I get free copies of my credit reports from all 3 major credit

The free site is :, (official site for consumers to

Get all 3 credit reports once every 12 months.) however they do not give
you the scores.
For FICO score you can visit:
Or get your 3 reports and scores from: and other sites…