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60 Minutes Reports ” 40 million Mistakes on credit reports”

  Actual footage of CBS news on: 40 Million Mistakes on Credit Reports  

The ONE thing to know about your credit report

60 Minutes reports: 40 Million Mistakes: Is your credit report accurate? I don't like because they don't give you your scores and you have to do each 3 agency one by one.

Deduct Mortgage insurance in 2012 taxes

  The mortgage insurance premium deduction is retroactive to January 1, 2012. Great Information..

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How to manage your debts

How to Manage Your Debt All of us have to manage our finances especially when we are in debt. If you Only have a small debt, you have to keep up with your monthly payments and Make sure you are not late. Otherwise, when you owe too much money,You Have to put extra effort into [...]

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No free FICO score She is right the companies want to charge you every month ...

Get a Home Loan with Low and No Credit Scores I hope this is not a gimick

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Where to get business credit reports

Where to get reports for improving credit score

The first step for  improving credit score is to get  your reports and many sites have hidden fees , I have worked with the following sites and my favorite is Wells Fargo ( I am not getting any commissions from any of them )   $1.00 for 3 reports now ($12.99/$15.99 a month, you can cancel anytime ) Free once a year no [...]

Debt Solutions You have to watch many of these so called credit counselling organizations... I think by just little search on line you can learn what to do and you don't really need them.

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Happy New Year

  From all of us to all of you

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January 29 2012 Credit repair Event

      If you can attend please email :  

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Referral Program in improving credit score

I am telling you man...since we were a child they thought us you have to work hard and get sweat to make money which is not true... to be rich is how to manage money ... we have to make money work for us not we make for money.. one way to do this for [...]

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Improving credit score

You don’t wake up one morning and say; I want to see my credit rating or what are the best ways to increase credit score.  You have to have a prior commitment or purpose to do that, for example your mortgage broker told you that you cannot qualify for the refinancing your loan or buying [...]

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NEWSLETTER DEC 15 , 2012HAPPY HOLIDAYS $49.95 SELF CREDIT REPAIR   ` Fixing your credit You don’t wake up one morning and say, I want to fix my credit. You have to have a previous commitment or purpose to do that, for example your mortgage broker told you that you cannot qualify for the refinancing your loan [...]

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Newsletter 11/10/2012

Monthly ABCDONE.COM insiders news in credit repair 2:49:36 PM Even if you had a recent bankruptcy or foreclosure you can still get your credit back on track by steps below: A-Have a free consultation with an expert in credit repair firm B-Develop a credit improvement plan C-Look for incorrect items in your credit report and dispute them D- Pay your [...]

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