Should credit repair be a priority?

Should credit repair be a priority?   Yes it should be and for the reasons we discussed in our past articles in abcdone.com And credit repair San Diego it is not. Because in order for people to take actions on something, not only they should need That, they also must want it so bad that [...]

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Is credit repair already a priority in people’s lives?

Is credit repair already a priority in people’s lives? According to my experience as a credit repair consultant at abcdone.com And credit repair San Diego, what people need and what they want is Different and they have to actually need and want something to take Action and follow up. For most people credit repair not [...]

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Amazing carpet cleaning

I have a friend that cleans your carpets like you see on the video blow amazing. One lady saved $6000 by cleaning her carpets like new verses purchasing. http://goo.gl/Vmvgw 619-534-6592

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Many people ask Is Credit Repair Legal?

Many people ask Is Credit Repair Legal? Definitely it is! As a consumer you have rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) passed in 1970 And amended in following years. Basically, FCRA gives you the right to have the information in your credit files reported accurately, Complete and verifiable and they have to respond [...]

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Electronic media: Employers use credit scores

Not only for driving a cab you need a resume nowadays many employers check your Fico score.. Check this you tube video the best place to check your score is : MYFICO.COM

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Legal Services Directory

you can find good sites at :Legal Services Directory Reach more customers with the best web directory for free where you can find more resources about Legal Services Directory

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credit puller

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NEWSLETTER DEC 15 , 2012HAPPY HOLIDAYS $49.95 SELF CREDIT REPAIR ` Fixing your credit You don’t wake up one morning and say, I want to fix my credit. You have to have a previous commitment or purpose to do that, for example your mortgage broker told you that you cannot qualify for the refinancing your loan [...]

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Happy New Year

  From all of us to all of you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkAwq2_9Ndg

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Can A Debt Buyer Really Collect A Debt Against Me?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DehIpDLOXv0 Just remember when they call or mail you ,do not admit the debt =, let them verify it.

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Credit card man


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Vaccination in USA

This is not my filed of expertise, this just makes me wonder. I just had my 3.5 year old Son vaccinated (meaning they injected live virus for chickenpox and live bacteria for HIB influenza.) I was just reading the statistics if we figure 50 million kids under 11 years in USA and As I read [...]

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