My score is 735

I am Larry and my score is 735 because of Mel

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not too long ago, Mahmoud Kharazmi, a good friend of mine gave me Mel’s contact info in regard to my credit situation, I contacted Mel and we had a brief conversation, I put my credit situation in Mel’s hands and that was a right move, as I what herd from Mahmoud in short period of time the action started and it was rolling.
as result my score jumped high, inaccurate negative points were removed from my credit report. I could get my contractor bond for four years less than what i was paying for a year, bought a new car with unbelievable rate, got 3 new credit cards with decent rates and …
and more importantly i have learned how to handle collection calls. My credit has been fixed but we are still in touch.
Thank you Mel. God Power. F.F

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